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The New Deal with Yahoo! Answers

Yahoo! Answers is a great way to interact with potential customers and other consumers that have questions surrounding your industry, product, or service. People ask all kinds of questions over there, and get some interesting answers as well. I have utilized this site for many clients — not for links, but for interacting with people who need answers.

I’ve spoken before about Yahoo! Answers and how best to utilize it. The short of it is:

  1. Know how and what to search for when identifying questions.
  2. Answer the question first, don’t sell.
  3. All links are no followed, so don’t rely on them for link juice.
  4. Report spam … there is tons of it.
  5. Keep up with your answers and vote.

yahooanswersAnswers Changes

Now for the real stuff. Yahoo! recently changed the way they do links. In short, any link in an answer isn’t hyper-linked until you get past Level 1. Yahoo! Answers has levels that allow you to do more in a day to gain points. The more points, the higher your status, trust, and coolness factor (ok, not really on that last one). Here is the info on how to get more points and what the levels are.

Basically, the change is good to help combat (though it doesn’t help completely) the people that create thousands of accounts, spam with answers that are fraudulent or other kinds of spammy, and then drop the account.

What to Do

So if you just got on Yahoo! Answers and are wondering how people are going to be able to get to that awesome link you just referenced, don’t fret. I’ve noticed that people in Level 1 who link to other sites are not only not hyperlinked, but also have their links truncated. If you can get past level 1, and it’s fairly easy to do so (shh!!), those links that were not linked before do become linked later.

So don’t be spammy, put some work into it, and Yahoo! Answers will pay you back in the long run. The more best answers you get, the more business you could get. These questions rank very well in Google and Yahoo!! :)