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March Mayhem

Thursday, April 9th, 2009

How is mayhem a good thing you say? Why is that the title of our monthly positive recap? Well … have you met any of us? Mayhem is the New Edge middle name. Anything to make people laugh makes us happy, even if the authorities disagree. (I’m kidding, swear)

First up is the exciting New Edge News

  • Anna bought a new HOUSE!!! Yay!
  • Kate attended PubCon South and spoke on a few panels – and had a blast having everyone in her home town! (Guess where South will be next year?? It’s looking like DALLAS!)
  • The New Edge Team is doing the Walk for Lupus in Dallas on April 25th! Please consider donating. :)
  • Kate had an article published in the SES Magazine on Paid Search: In-house vs Outsourced
  • Brandy’s daughter Erin was accepted to the Gifted program at school. Chip off the old block!
  • We all weathered the Texas Storms (read: HAIL) very well. My car is fine (phew), Brandy got a new roof, and Steve’s new Corvette is still shiny and new!
  • Brandy’s family celebrated her brother’s 38th birthday when he was told he only had 3 months to live at 35. Totally healthy and cancer-free now.

Industry Happyness

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Inspiration in SEO

Friday, March 27th, 2009

I heard of a rapping Southwest Airlines attendant today … that is what online marketing is about. But can you plan that? No. The best ideas come from thinking outside the box and empowering employees to be the best for your clients.

Sometimes I can sound like a broken record – your business is different, there is no right answer for everyone, the answer is always “it depends.” But the goal in all of that is to make our clients and friends in the business take the examples we have seen and inspire ideas in their own lives. That is the ultimate goal in New Edge Media blogging, to inspire and be inspired. We know that each of us at NEM are learning everyday, no one knows everything in this business, and that is why we love it.

My inspiration has come from a large number of sources in the past year, but I want to focus on one. The mothers who have shaped and defined many parts of this business. Look around at some of the best minds out there and they are mothers doing what is best for their family and their own personal development.

Note: There are fantastic dads too, their countless and beautiful stories have inspired me as well. I don’t want to sound biased, it’s just moms have been very apparent in my world recently.

There is the now infamous Mothers in Business competition that host a number of well know names vying for your vote. I know we have all heard about this one. I am voting as often as I am reminded on twitter, but I more enjoy reading about and stumbling upon the businesses of the other lesser known mothers out there who have changed business because they are that strong. Their families supplement the strength they naturally have, and they turn that into a power to change the world.

I met a woman recently who started a daycare so that she could spend time with her then three, but going on five children. That business has grown to be one of the top 25 daycare businesses in the United States. She is dedicated to the care and development of all her children (not just the 5 biological ones) and her employees. She gets that it is her employees that make her business great.

New Edge Media was started by such a woman who wanted to support her family and start an agency close to home that had the values she held so dear. Brandy has been an inspiration to me and I would dare to say many others. Just like every other woman out there running a successful business. They are not doing it alone, but they are doing.

So just shy of mentioning specific women who have inspired me recently in the industry, I want to thank you all for being an inspiration to me and everyone else around you. You know who you are.

So what is your inspiration today?

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February Fun in Search Marketing

Monday, March 2nd, 2009

I did a review of all the positive things that happened in search marketing and New Edge Media in January, so we are going to continue the trend. February is a short month, and our posting has been light (sorry!!), but we have been turning the wheels furiously behind the scenes.

February has been short on days …
but not in new events at New Edge Media:

  • Our very own Anna is expecting a bundle of joy in late June!
    [Can’t even begin to tell you how excited we all are about this!]
  • Manda and Brandy Quit Smoking [*claps*]
  • Kate completed the Austin Half Marathon! [I is tired]
  • Trisha went on vacation to the Bahamas! [JEALOUS!]

The Search Marketing world had it’s own dose of fun:

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January Fun in Search Marketing

Friday, January 30th, 2009

It seems that January 2009 was a month of renewal, hope, and fear. Wait, what? Yeah, we all know that the economy sucks. Business is down. The only people making money are Amazon and Exxon. That says something about our economy right there.

Never-the-less, New Edge Media is all about the positives and January 2009 is no different. Let’s see what good happened this month to New Edge and the rest of search marketing. Why not the world? Well, we already know all that, and we are in our own little world anyway. Hehe.

Search Marketing January Rockin It

New Edge Media Awesome Events

  • Trisha Lyn Fawver attended Affiliate Summit West and turned heads with her knowledge and personality. We have seen tons of leads from her efforts there.
  • We closed some awesome new clients! Yay for new business!
  • Brandy tried to take time off the Interwebz – but the ice storm in North Texas canceled the camping trip. She tried though! Instead she did something even more fun … WORK! ;)
  • I went skiing at Whistler and managed to find two locals that did Search Marketing for a living! How crazy is that?!?!
  • Did we mention that our blog is starting to kick booty too?
  • And … we hear a rumor that our very own Amanda Otto’s jewelry design is going VERY well.

So what did I miss?? What great happened to you this month? Let us know! I’ll update if it’s something I really forgot. :)

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Hiring a PPC Manager vs. SEO Manager

Monday, January 19th, 2009

Question: What skills are required of a PPC consultant/manager that are not required of an organic SEO consultant/manager?

This was perhaps one of the most intriguing questions I got when asking my favorite people on twitter what they wanted to know about PPC. More than anything it is tough because I consider myself both, I am an Internet marketer before anything else, a mutt of the industry. Because I think there are more like me than not, I have a feeling that there aren’t going to be large differences. There are so many things that each side does that are the same, just in different mediums.

Let’s start with an example job description for each, they are listed at the bottom, sorry, but they are long :). These are real but I’ll take out identifying marks. Remember these are just examples, we are a young industry and therefore the job descriptions can be extremely variant. There are probably more requirements than I list here, so if you have more differences that you know of, please list them in the comments.


There are more similarities than differences in these two areas of Internet marketing, which does not surprise me. They are both mid level positions and therefore require 2 years of experience and a Bachelor’s Degree. Please note that one requires it and one it is optional. From what I can tell in experience, a degree is not required because no one teaches this subject yet. But I think it helps when going for either position.

Personal skills required in both are attention to detail, organizational skills, and relationship management. I think attention to detail is listed in almost any job description, but Internet marketing it is a major requirement. In paid search, if you mess up one destination URL, you could spend thousands of dollars on exactly nothing. And in SEO … well just look at code, enough said. The same can be said for organizational skills, try building a campaign or css stylesheet without it.

The relationship management area covers a lot of things, verbal and written communication with the company is the main area. Being in a new industry means that we all must be able to work with every department to build the best campaigns possible.

More specific skills include keyword research, copywriting, competitive research, and reporting. Everyone has to love Excel and we know that. Name one internet marketer that doesn’t know Excel or a similar program and I’ll show you someone not doing their job right.

The final similarity is in industry knowledge; we all have to know the new industry trends. Reading everyday is always and will remain part of our job duties. Otherwise our skills become archaic and the methods we use become stale.


First off, lets begin with SEOs. The one major difference is that SEOs have to be self-starters. I think this is actually true of SEO versus PPC. Yes, there is some of that to PPC, but it’s more of a requirement for an SEO. PPC has the metrics and goals that are set in stone and tied to the company finances (which I am about to go over). SEOs have the task of navigating something that fewer people understand (or pretend to understand). SEOs have to work with IT people, web designers and executives that do not get anything, so they almost have to make their own to do list.

Now for the answer to the question: I know that was a long lead in …

The things that a PPC manager needs that an SEO manager doesn’t necessarily have to have are all focused around money and testing. A PPC Manager has to have their main focus on ROI. There are numbers tied directly to what they manage and reporting those numbers and keeping to goals is more prevalent in PPC than in SEO. Each has goals, but in the eyes of a CPA, PPC is more focused on the bottom line.

In that same respect, a PPC manager is also very focused on budgets and spending. Again, there is a taste of this in SEO, but a PPC manager needs to have full understanding of the budgeting process and be able to comprehend the process over time. It’s not about “set it and forget it.” If you are doing that, you are doing it wrong.

The final area that a PPC manager has to focus on that isn’t required of an SEO manager is the testing of campaigns. Testing landing pages, keyword match types, and ads are a daily occurrence for a PPC manager. There is not an end to the cycle of testing; things can always be tweaked to be better. Keeping up with those tests, analyzing results, and making the necessary changes is not usually something SEOs do on a regular basis.


My final findings … the differences are minor. If an SEO wanted to get into PPC, there is little they’d have to change. Focus and goals are the major differences, but as for traits in the person, those are the same. Take your drive for code and make it into a drive for ROI. It might take some time getting used to testing what seems like the same thing over and over, but understanding the small differences and exact science of the relationship of landing page, keyword and ad is what makes this fun.

Looking for a job as an SEO or PPC manager? Check out our favorite job search site: The Online Beat

Example Job Descriptions

SEO Manager


  • SEO strategy and implementation tactics
  • Identifying and building relationships with key industry contacts
  • Research keywords, clients and competitors
  • Keeping on top of industry trends/innovations with regards to search engines
  • Manage all aspects of SEO campaigns from generating reports to conducting site audits to client contact
  • Generating all keyword/link/rank/index related deliverables
  • Maintain brand identity while pushing creative boundaries and exceeding client expectations
  • Own your project and follow it through to launch
  • Form close and productive working relationships with staff from all departments
  • Recommend/implement optimization tactics from data intensive reporting

Qualifications/Skills Required

  • Bachelors Degree
  • 2-4 years of hands-on SEO experience (preferably in an agency setting); SEM knowledge
  • Proven track record of successful SE0 strategy and implementation
  • Strong knowledge of search properties, search engine algorithms and ranking strategies
  • Proficiency with SEO reporting, analytics tools, Word, Excel, HTML and JavaScript
  • Excellent written skills: experience writing professional/technical documentation skills
  • Excellent verbal skills: ability to communicate complex SEO issues in an articulate manner to all audiences
  • Solid understanding of interactive marketing/online media space
  • Strong organizational skills, problem-solving skills, and attention to detail
  • Self-motivator always looking to improve upon OGM’s projects and processes

PPC Manager:


  • Manage PPC campaigns across three major PPC platforms (Google, Yahoo!, MSN).
  • Achieve a targeted ROI for all ad spends.
  • Ensure optimal campaign performance.
  • Manage keywords and messaging based on performances of campaigns.
  • Perpetual testing and optimizing of new keywords, ad text, position and landing pages.
  • Reconciliation of budget spend for PPC clients.
  • Monitoring and comparison of competitor’s campaigns.
  • Work with Account Reps to manage relationships with our clients.
  • Utilization of proprietary and third party reports and analytics tools.
  • Analyze click and conversion data, ad expenses, ROI, etc.
  • Research other PPC related online marketing opportunities that could be viable to our clients.
  • Must have excellent attention to detail and the ability to effectively multi-task in a deadline driven environment.

Qualifications/Skills Required

  • 2-4 years experience in managing PPC campaigns.
  • In-depth knowledge and experience with Google, Yahoo!, MSN PPC platforms.
  • Proficiency in working with Excel spreadsheets and analysis.
  • Experience with keyword research, keyword research tools and keyword selection.
  • Knowledge of web analytics applications.
  • SEM copywriting skills.
  • Detail-oriented organizational skills and above average written and communication skills.

Additional Qualifications/Skills Preferred – Not Required

  • Experience using third-party PPC bid-management applications.
  • Bachelor’s degree with interest or emphasis in communications, marketing, advertising, computer science, or related field.
  • Industry experience.
  • Google Ad Words Certified.

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Twitter Overload

Wednesday, December 17th, 2008


Earlier this year I was at one of the IM Charity Events, as the evening reached one of its loudest moments I turned to a friend and said “this is what Twitter would sound like if you could actually hear everyone.” Just a sea of voices with crashing tidal waves of verbal volume and it becomes almost impossible to hear one individual conversation.


The sad thing is that this can happen on Twitter even if it is muted text. You start out with pure intentions of connecting with people, enjoying the back and forth with the people you follow and who follow you. Then before you know it you have hundreds following you. You want to be nice and follow them back, so you do. Then you find more and more new interesting people to follow. It turns into a vicious cycle. I’m speaking to the personal enjoyment and experience on Twitter. Not the pimp out your social media side of things. More to the “I’m stuck at the airport but it’s ok because I have a whole group of people to chat with in the palm of my hand” part of Twitter.

Many different tools have come out to help you split, sort, group and sauté your Twitter feeds. You can use TweepBeep, Twitter Search and a voodoo woman named Phyllis, and yet you still miss replies or interesting conversation. So my question is to what end does quantity begin to dilute the quality?

Trying to gain back the quality we all feel in love with can be tricky. You can send out an update that you are cutting back your follow list. Remove those who do not join into conversations, those who provide no information or entertainment factors. Now you run the risk of hurting feelings as you remove people. Or for those keeping count heaven forbid you lose cool points as your own follower count drops.

I am uncertain how one goes about recapturing the romance with Twitter. Can you go back? I truly respect those who have prevailed at keeping theirs pure and simple. I myself did not and I’m now trying to following over 300 people but I have 1000+ unread items in my Google Reader so I apparently over do it in other areas as well.

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