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Many professionals in the search marketing space didn’t start their careers thinking “I’ll work with websites, Excel spreadsheets, and code for a living.” We were marketers first. We learned about the world of advertising and branding. The good old boys out making TV ad buys on the golf course. ;)

That world changed and we are now in a world of online ad buys and text advertising. Don’t get us wrong, Haiku advertising (PPC) is exciting, but not as much as storyboards and seeing your work on prime-time television.

From Zazzle

From Zazzle

At SMX London, I think Brian Fetherstonhaugh, Chairman and CEO, OgilvyOne Worldwide said “Social Media is making branding sexy again.” We are all pushed to make numbers, prove by ROI, sales funnels and all. But what we were missing in all of that was the branding. Investing in branding allows your other campaigns to convert better. People trust what they know. It’s tough to prove ROI in branding campaigns but if all your campaigns are tracked correctly as well as your natural traffic, you can see the lift after a branding campaign.

Then came along social media. Branding is sexy again. We are still working on fully tracking social media mentions and the time spent on Twitter, Facebook, and other social networks. But companies large and small are seeing the traffic come in from these efforts. They are seeing the correlation between the branding (using social media to converse and not sell) and end sales.

Traditional marketing is not dead. TV commericals are still sexy. Print ads still pique interest in products. And social media is the new black. It’s sexy at the core because it’s more trackable and allows a company to influence word of mouth, the most powerful of all referrers.

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